Mark Stewart
Leaving a mark

Global Village

Global Village reveals the connectivity that makes up my life and the state of global connectivity that our culture experiences everyday.  This is an expression of discovering identity through relationships with people of diverse cultures, ages, perspectives, and geographic locations.

This process art piece evolved from identifying the geographic location of friends and family on a map into a geometric sculpture depicting interconnectivity. The intersecting points of this crystal-like sculpture are the result of projecting the mapped locations on to a wall.  The light seams symbolize the connectivity and relationship of all the people at the intersection points.  In its entirety the piece forms a system of cartography that speaks to the hyperconnectivity that our culture is defined by.

This origami-like relief sculpture brings relationships that thrive through instantaneous connectivity out of this place of electric speed and into a static physical structure. By bringing these relationships, that are usually defined by a digital medium, into physical form I not only bring awareness to the prevalence of global computer-based connection, but I give these connections a visual form that reminds us of historical physical communication as well as previous experiments within the canon of modernist abstract sculpture.

The geometric-shaped wooden panels bring to mind an earthy, land-like cartography element.  There are also parallels between constructing and maintaining wooden structures and forming and caring for personal relationships. The audio element of personal conversations with people in my global village compels the viewer to come closer and to engage with my world exploring the relationship between voices and the abstract form of this piece.  


Global Village